How I lost my data trying to back it up

This is a story about how I lost my data when trying to prevent it by backing it up.

How to hide (obfuscate) any traffic using obfs4

In this post, I'm going to give you the information necessary to be able to use obfs4 protocol not just for wrapping Tor traffic, but for virtually any other TCP traffic as well.

How to Fully Uninstall Kaspersky's NDIS Filter

I like Kaspersky anti-virus, and I use it regularly… (Not on my own PC mind you, but on the clients) While I do believe they provide the best anti-virus in the market, I am not a fan of most of their other products. That goes for the Firewall, Safe Browsing, SSL Hijacking, and of course their newest addition, Secure Connection…

The Tale of Windows UAC and Incompetent Programmers

In this post i will give you a brief history of UAC, an overall overview, and how programmers abuse the system. I also talk about different ways to manipulate an applications manifest to turn on UAC virtualization, and much more...