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a sysadmin in the wind

The Story


Hi, My name is Hamy
Well it’s not as much as my real name as my nick name.

From the very young age I was fascinated by the technologies around me and trying to figure out how things work is in my nature. This of course resulted in countless pieces of broken hardwares throughout time as I would try opening them up to see what’s going on… Good times.

At the moment, I work as a sysadmin at a local company doing wide range of different IT related tasks and projects.


IT here, IT there

From managing different routers, PtP links, and VPNs to running and maintaining complex Postfix setup with all the little bells and whistles, to reverse engineering, QOS, network packet-based troubleshooting, Database maintenance, Backup solutions, PBX systems… Are all part of my daily job and I’m all for pushing the limits.

If it’s broken, it can be fixed

Troubleshooting and debugging various systems is one of my favorite topics. With the right tool and a little brain, the most complex issues could be tracked down and fixed; which gives you that little indescribable satisfaction. Granted, it might be less fun when there is a time limit but that’s also part of the challenge.

If it can’t be done, it’s your fault

Designing new systems, being it a new network topology, reporting system, or even a custom made script to keep the bad guys out, is what makes IT job so fascinating. Questioning how things work and how they could be improved instead of solely relying on what’s been provided out of the box is essential to me and I intend to reflect that in my blog.

This, is my blog.


The main idea for starting it is to give back something to the community. Throughout the years, different blog posts and various (and sometimes random) guides and manuals on the internet was the only resource I had, and arguably the best and richest one as well.

What we need not to forget is that this, the whole thing, depends on people sharing their knowledge. Knowledge used to cost. Quite a lot in fact. But now it is widely regarded as free, all thanks to the individuals contributing their hard work with little to no expectation in return.

I am hoping that By sharing my own experiences, to some small extend I could give back to the community.

If you have a question, a guide or an article you would like to see, or simply if something seems to be missing or out of place (except my nose. I’m well aware of my nose thank you very much!) I would like to hear about it. Do not hesitate to contact me.


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