How to install and configure stunnel on Ubuntu

This post is dedicated to show you how to properly install and configure stunnel on Ubuntu.

How I lost my data trying to back it up

This is a story about how I lost my data when trying to prevent it by backing it up.

obfs4proxy-openvpn: Obfuscating OpenVPN traffic using obfs4proxy

After my initial post about obfs4 on how to hide any TCP traffic and an example for hiding SSH traffic, it's now time to do so for OpenVPN...

How to hide (obfuscate) SSH traffic using obfs4

In this post I'm going to give you a real example of obfs4proxy being used to obfuscate SSH traffic.

How to hide (obfuscate) any traffic using obfs4

In this post, I'm going to give you the information necessary to be able to use obfs4 protocol not just for wrapping Tor traffic, but for virtually any other TCP traffic as well.

How to install LUKS encrypted Ubuntu 18.04.x Server and enable remote unlocking

Much has been changed since my last post about LUKS remote unlock workaround. This is the updated version on how to set things up properly.

OpenDKIM-OpenDMARC and a Chrooted Postfix Instance

Compatibility issues arises when using OpenDKIM/OpenDMARC Unix sockets with chrooted Postfix installation. In this post you will learn to resolve this...

Remote unlocking of LUKS-encrypted root in Ubuntu/Debian

Not so long ago, remote unlocking of a LUKS-encrypted root partition was difficult to setup. While essential for headless servers, all required steps needed to be done manually and compatibility was a concern. Luckily, it is much simpler to do so in recent versions of Ubuntu/Debian. Unlocking an encrypted root remotely *should* be as simple as installing a single package... We'll see about that in a moment.